Premier John Hart and Mrs. Hart

Premier John Hart and wife visit the John Hart Dam construction site.

Painter's Lodge boats lined up on the Spit

View of the wooden Painter boats and some of their guides lined up at the Tyee Spit. In the background are some of the homes in the North Campbell River area. Ned painter built these wooden clinker-built style boats specifically for fishing in the Campbell River area.

Herbert Pidcock with the catch of the day

July 1st parade, Campbell River

The Elk Falls Paper Co. float in the July 1st parade. The company celebrates its one-year anniversary being in operation.

L&H Block, downtown Campbell River

View of the Canadian Bank of Commerce when it was located in the L & H block (Island Hwy), September 1949.

Building the public boat ramp at Tyee Spit.

Volunteers working on building a public boat ramp at the Tyee Spit. At this point $1,500 had been raised for materials and another $2,500 was needed to complete the project.

Members of the Willow Point Ladies Bowling Team

From left to right: Back Row: Mrs. BJ Vienneau, Mrs. Jessie Jones. Front row: Mrs. H (Diana) Baker, Mrs. S (Marjorie) Early, Mrs. V (Vivian L) Babin.

Concerned citizens outside the Willows Hotel

An air base had been proposed at the Tyee Spit, and concerned citizens gathered at the Willows Hotel to discuss the project. At left in plaid shirt is pilot Bob Langdon; at centre facing camera is Roderick Haig-Brown.

One of the rooms inside the Campbell River Lodge

Island Highway through downtown Campbell River

View looking south at the intersection of the Island Highway and St. Ann's. First building on the right is the Vanstone Building, which was the location of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at the time. The Willows Hotel and the Bee Hive Block are visible on the left. Photograph taken...

Building the Kinsmen Community Hall

View of the Kinsmen Community Hall under construction. Located on 11th Ave., this hall was later known simply as the Community Hall. Construction of the Hall took several years and was completed in 1954.

Aerial view of Campbellton

View of Campbellton taken just above the "silver bridge" over the Campbell River. Campbellton Elmentary School can be seen at the bottom of the photograph and the Haig-Brown property on the bottom left side of image.

Dr. Richard Murphy

Dr. Richard Murphy with his catch of 60 lb Tyee on August 13, 1961. Guide Jasper Sutherland.

Campbell River school track and field race

Sports day event at the Campbell River Elementary, Junior Senior High School

Man with a fish

E.M. Hay or Elvan Masik?

Campbell River's first Art Gallery

Campbell River's first art gallery opens above Page II books. Left to right: Tanya Hill and Arleigh Martell.

Corkey Corbett with mounted fish

Official opening of El King's Shell Station

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Tammy McConkey in photograph.

John Perkins Sr.

Portrait of John Perkins Sr.

Trans Mountain Airline base at the Tyee Spit

View of the Trans Mountain seaplane base at the Tyee Spit, August 1965.

Campbell River Band Council

Left to right: Tom Henderson, John Ferry, and George Quocksister.

Men on beach with large log

Interior view of the Dining Room, Forbes Landing Lodge

Municipal Council

Left to right: Chuck Saults, Herb Osing, Sandra Baikie, Skip McDonald (seated), Jack Lee, Ken Forde, and Wallace Baikie.