Official opening of El King's Shell Station

July 1st Parade, Campbell River

C.R. Woodworker's entry in the July 1st parade.

Joe Painter (?) with Mrs. Wiborn and salmon

Roderick Haig-Brown in his Judge's robes

Roderick Haig-Brown at his desk in the Campbell River Courthouse, 1975.

Sam Henderson playing the drum at Tyee Plaza

A Campbell River protest regarding the dangers of the Island hwy.

Concerned mothers march for reduced speed limits on the residential areas of the Island Highway. Nov. 17, 1965 Third woman from the left may be Morgan Ostler.

James G. Potts, President

James G. Potts, President 1933. Gold Button Tyee Weight 50¾ lb.

Island Highway through south end of downtown Campbell River

Large building on the left is the Big Store.

Eco-Conference with Roderick Haig-Brown in attendance.

Eco-Conference held at Strathcona Park Lodge with Roderick Haig-Brown (far left), bearded Jim Boulding (centre), and columnist Barry Thorton.

The First Snowball Queen

Campbell River Elementary Junior Senior High School, 1953.

Dr. Richard and Mary Murphy with their catch

Opening of Campbell River Elementary, Junior-Senior High School

Ken Forde in his workshop

Ken Forde, working on an outboard motor. At this time Ken Forde was the mayor of Campbell River, 1971.

Sam Henderson carving

Salmon barbecue on the beach

Salmon barbecue on the beach in front of the VanIsle Theatre (now the Tidemark Theatre).

Labour Day Parade, Campbell River

Campbell River Cub Scouts and Brownies participating in the Labour Day Parade. Parade route may be going through Campbellton area.

Campbell River RCMP Officer Al Weishlow and police car

Courier Free Salmon Derby

The winner of the Courier Salmon Derby, Wayne Nicholas, kneels near Miss Campbell River 1969, Trina Embleton.

Downtown Campbell River

Looking north along the Island Highway. Building on the left is the L&H block and the Vanstone block (which housed the Government Liquor store) on the right.

The Big Rock

Mae and Valma Anderson at the Big Rock on the way to Campbell River.

July 1st Parade, Campbell River

Riverside Sunday School's entry in the July 1st Parade.

Dr. Richard and Mary Murphy on the water

Anglers with their catch on beachfront, Campbell River

Joe Iaci (on left) with his nephew, Frank Iaci (middle) and Ross Filippone (right) and a catch of salmon on the beach in front of the Willows Hotel. Joe Iaci was the co-owner of the Willows Hotel.

Roderick Haig-Brown with his children

Roderick Haig-Brown with his children in the study. Roderick helps his son, Alan, with tying a fly. His daughters, Valerie (back left), Celia (front left), and Mary (right), look on.

Art Carey with his catch of a rare Daily Triple

Art Carey of Walla Walla, Washington and his catch - a rare "Daily Triple", three registered Tyee taken in one day weighing 33 lb, 37 lb, and 38 lb respectively. All three fish were landed on August 9, 1963.