Dr. Howard Jamieson and his wife in their home, Campbell River

Dr. Howard Jamieson and his wife Mrs. Christine Jamieson in their family home. This house was located approximately at the 900 block of Shopper's Row, Campbell River and Jamieson was and burnt down shortly after they moved in. Dr. Jamieson was Campbell River's first doctor and arrived in...

Jim Burnard with catch

Jim Burnard with his catch of 38 lb on August 29, 1981.

Dan Henderson on Tyee Spit

Dan Henderson, the son of well known carver Sam Henderson and his wife May (nee Quocksister). Dan is well known is his own right, for his stunning and much coveted ceremonial robes. Dan is married to Lorraine Drake, the daughter of Douglas Drake.

Girl guides at camp on Hudson's Farm

An unidentified young girl with a whirligig toy

Collapse of Community Hall during heavy snowfall

Ferndell Trailer Park

The Discovery Inn pole dedication ceremony, Campbell River

A part of the Pow Wow Days celebrations was the dedication ceremony for the newly raised poles at the Discovery Inn. Left to right: Sam Henderson, the carver of the pole; George Quocksister, who dedicated the poles; and Gordon Jennings, Manager of the Discovery Inn. Mr. Henderson carved two poles...

Sam Henderson carving

Mr. Hardy, Assistant Postmaster, inside the Post Office

The first official Post Office in Campbell River was in the Thulin General Store. The post office was partitioned off from the rest of the store and had its own entrance. Mr. Charles Thulin was the postmaster and Mr. Hardy (pictured here) was an assistant who also clerked in the store.

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Group of children with pilot beside BC Airlines airplane

Airplane is a SeaBee. At this time BC Airlines picked up passengers on the beach in front of the Willows Hotel.

May Queen's visit to the hospital

George Dick (Munmuntle)

George’s father, Hәmzid, lived in the Salmon River village of H’Kusam. Like Johnny Ferry, George was from the Kweeha branch of the Lekwiltok people. George Dick married Louise Quatell, sister of Sam Quatell. He died in 1984 at age 83.

Shegimi, Thulin Court

Roderick Haig-Brown in his Judge's robes

Roderick Haig-Brown at his desk in the Campbell River Courthouse, 1975.

Flood in Campbellton

A Telephone Pioneer is honoured

Marie Christensen joins the ranks of the Telephone Pioneers of America; Dorothy Thompson presenting. Dec. 1, 1965

Tyee Club Trophy

For the Angler taking the largest Tyee of the season.

Styer with catch

Styer with catch - a 39 lb Tyee.

Elvon Musik with his catch

Elvon Musik with his catch of two fish, both caught on handlines.

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

A two-day Conservative Party rally took place at the Willows Hotel around the start of the First World War.

July 1st parade, Campbell River

C.R. Rotary Club's float in the July 1st parade, 1948. The log building in the background may be the B.C. Forest Service building on the Island Highway.

Riverside Sunday School's entry in the Labour Day Parade

Herbert Pidcock with catch of salmon

Guide, Herbert Pidcock, with catch of salmon on weigh scales located on the Tyee Spit, Campbell River.