A new library for the Campbell River High School

Biology teacher Van Egan and his students look over the new charts in their new school library. Jan. 5, 1966

Campbell River United Church

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Campbell River Women's Institute float in the July 1st Parade.

Interior of the Campbell River Trading Co, store, Campbell River

Interior of the general store operated by the Thulin Brothers. From left: Mr. Hardy (assistant postmaster & clerk), Walter Spencer (telegraph operator), ?.

Sam Henderson and child

Arbutus School located on Elm Street, Campbell River

The Arbutus school was operated for mentally challenged students.

Campbell River Senior High Graduation Dance, 1955

Herbert Pidcock and Dr. Wiborn with a salmon

Herbert Pidcock on left holding salmon.

Peter Mountain at Bones Bay Cannery

Bones Bay Cannery. In 1927 the Canadian Fish Company closed their cannery operation in Shushartie Bay and transferred the equipment to Bones Bay on W. Cracroft Island in Johnstone Strait. Close to the gillnet and seine fisheries of Johnstone Strait and the mainland inlets, the Bones Bay cannery...

Exterior view of Dr. Noel Bathurst Hall's second home

Dr. & Mrs. Hall, Second home was located at 2248 Campbell River Rd. This house was originally built by two of the Pidcock brothers at the same time that they built the house at 2260 Campbell River Rd. (which would later become the home of Roderick Haig-Brown and family.)

July 1st Parade, Campbell River

Float promoting the need for a new community hall in Campbell River.

Two unidentified young boys

Molly and Peter Whale's house can be seen in the background.

Miss Campbell River

Miss Campbell River, July, 1968.

Painter family home on the Tyee Spit, Campbell River

John Painter and his dog Dan in front of the Painter house on the Campbell River Spit, 1929.

Herbert Pidcock with catch of salmon

Guide, Herbert Pidcock, with catch of salmon on weigh scales located on the Tyee Spit, Campbell River.

Mrs. Forbes on the front steps of the Lodge

Katie Ferry

Like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting, Katie Ferry indulges in a momentary daydream while a determined little one attempts to bring her back to earth.

The Ripple Rock Explosion

Herbert Pidcock with salmon at Tyee Club scale

Racing canoe event on Labour Day, Campbell River

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Breeze

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Breeze of Ogden, Utah, U.S.A. with two fish weighing 31 lb and 34 lb, caught in August 1969. Guide Mike Rippingale (not in photograph).

Swimming lessons at the Campbell River estuary

Children were given their swim lessons at the Tyee Spit, as there was not yet a pool in Campbell River.

Olympic swimmer honoured by City

Olympic swimmer Ralph Hutton is presented with a gift from Chamber of Commerce President Don Elmore.

Unidentified woman with salmon at Tyee Club scale

Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

View of the main lodge and cabins, taken from the wharf.