Campbell River Volunteer Fire Department

Construction of the Community Hall, Campbell River

Volunteers working on constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954. At this time the project had been taken over by the Campbell River Kinsmen Club.

Fishing boat unloading at Campbell River wharf

First herring boat to come in to the government wharf after the herring season was the Bripak, from Vancouver.

Mrs. Boffy in front of Campbell River Telephone Office

Mrs. Boffy worked as a telephone operator in the office.

Simms house on Island Highway near Willow Point.

The Simms house was located on the Island Highway (approximately at 1822 S. Island Highway). At one time they owned a parcel of land that stretched from Rockland Road to Hilchey Road. Mrs. Simms sold a portion of the lot to Mrs. Glenny and then later developed Hilchey and Galerno Roads.

View of Ferndell Trailer Park, Campbell River

Ferndell Trailer Park was located on the Island Highway south of 1st avenue. Photo taken September 18, 1968.

Campbell River July 1st Parade, 1949

Float in the July 1st, 1949 parade decorated to "Support the Memorial Hall".

Roderick Haig-Brown at his desk, Campbell River

Eleanor Cliffe and Elizabeth Quocksister

Bones Bay cannery workers: Eleanor Cliffe and Elizabeth Quocksister.

Campbell River Recreation Association directors

CRRA directors. Joe Iaci is second from the left at the back.

Ribbon cutting at opening of new RCMP building, Campbell River.

Deputy A.G. Dr. Kennedy cutting ribbbon at the opening of RCMP. Also on hand was Campbell River Mayor, Ken Forde (at centre with crossed hands), Assistant RCMP Commissioner Cunningham, Superintendant Nelson, and John Wade.

Quinsam Coal protest, Campbell River

R.D. Berger protesting plans for the Quinsam Coal Project.

Okanagan Helicopter at the base at Tyee Spit

The helicopter is a Fairchild Hiller FH-1100.

Lions Club Walkathon, Tyee Plaza

Bill Mathews (pointing), Walkathon organizer, giving instructions to walkers at the starting point at Tyee Plaza, 1971.

Campbell River ladies group the Lighthouse Circle celebrates their 25th Anniversary

The Lighthouse Circle 25th Anniversary Left to right: The first President of the circle, Mrs. H.W. Allen; the 1964 Vice-President, Mrs. B. Arnason; Mrs. E. Christenson; the 1964 President, Mrs. A. Wiggins; a past President, Mrs. K.M. Anderson; and the secretary, Mrs. L. Mancrief. Apr. 1, 1964

Interior of a Café in Campbell River

The Henderson family

Standing in doorway at back: George Glendale. Front (left to right): May (Quocksister) Henderson, wife of Sam Henderson; Ida (Seaweed) and her husband James Henderson. This photograph was taken at George Glendale’s house located close to Billy Seaweed’s farm by Lane field.

Campbell River Wharf and small boat harbour

First prize in a Campbell River parade

Left to right: unknown, Katie Henderson, Sam Henderson (standing behind), Mark Henderson (smallest child in front), Maggie Henderson, unknown, Edith Henderson, unknown, unknown, Catherine Naknakim, Reubina Ferry, unknown, Dan Henderson, unknown, Johnny Ferry Jr., Eva Martin (granddaughter of Katie...

Harold Greystone with his catch, and another man

Campbell River School

Students with their teacher, Miss Ethel Barwise (standing on right) on the front steps of Campbell River's first school.

M.A. Cowan with catch

M.A. Cowen of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - August 1925. Present at organizational meeting of Tyee Club.

Roderick Haig-Brown scuba diving in the Campbell River

Crowd gathers to hear results of Fishing Derby, 1971

Campbell River Courier's Salmon Derby at the Texaco Boat ramp, August 1971.

Campbell River Parade, 1949

Campbell River Volunteer Fire Department truck in the July 1st parade. View of the Van Isle Theatre in the background.