Campbell River High School Dance

Joyce Sarvis, Miss Campbell River

Two unidentified young boys

Molly and Peter Whale's house can be seen in the background.

Youngquist and Ferguson with catch

Telephone operators outside the Telephone Office, Campbell River

Campbell River telephone operators, Margaret Granlund (on right) and Mrs. Boffy (left).

Members of the Willow Point Ladies Bowling Team

From left to right: Back Row: Mrs. BJ Vienneau, Mrs. Jessie Jones. Front row: Mrs. H (Diana) Baker, Mrs. S (Marjorie) Early, Mrs. V (Vivian L) Babin.

View of Ken Forde's Garage in Willow Point, located on Island Hwy.

BC Airlines airplane on beach, Campbell River

On right is pilot Bob Langdon, standing in front of his BC Airlines SeaBee. At this time BC Airlines picked up passengers on the beach in front of the Willows Hotel.

Tyee Club Trophy

Construction of the Community Hall, Campbell River

Volunteers working on constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954. At this time the project had been taken over by the Campbell River Kinsmen Club.

Discussing the John Hart Power Development

Left to right: Mr. Boyd, owner of General Construction Co. Ltd.; Earl Finning, of Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.; and Frank Ferries, the Branch Service Manager of Finning.

Racing canoe event on Labour Day, Campbell River

Henderson twins in the Parade, 1958

Henderson twins in a parade at Lane Field Park, June 30, 1958.

Thunderbird Hall

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Looking south along the Island Highway. On the right is the Willows Hotel and a view of the government wharf on the left. The parade appears to be led by a group of Campbell River girl guides.

Vice Admiral Steir with his catch

Vice Admiral Steir with his catch of 66 lb Tyee in 1960. Guide Bruce Anderson.

Painter's Fishing Camp

Haig-Brown children

Roderick Haig-Brown's children: Mary, Alan, Celia, and Valerie - being photographed for a magazine.

Remembrance Day ceremonies, Campbell River

Ceremonies held at the cenotaph located at the Tyee Plaza, 1962.

George Dick (Munmuntle)

George’s father, Hәmzid, lived in the Salmon River village of H’Kusam. Like Johnny Ferry, George was from the Kweeha branch of the Lekwiltok people. George Dick married Louise Quatell, sister of Sam Quatell. He died in 1984 at age 83.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Possibly construction of the Ladore dam, 1950s.

A young newspaper delivery girl holds front page of local newspaper

Front page of the Campbell River Courier newspaper announcing the 1967 Centennial project for a new Museum and Library complex.

Unidentified woman with salmon at Tyee Club scale

The Pidcock family home

The Pidcock family home on the Campbell River, which later became the Haig-Brown family home.

Danny Henderson and His Son