Scout Week church service

Campbell River celebration of Scout Week culminated in a church service at the Community Hall which was attended by scouts, cubs, and girl guides. Feb. 26, 1964

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Group Photograph

Unknown man with Tyee

Bill Glendale, Wally Brown, and Butch Henderson

Bill Glendale, Wally Brown and Butch Henderson (left to right) at the dock in Ocean Falls. When this photo was taken in the 1950’s Ocean Falls had a population of over 3,500. Today there are only a few dozen full-time residents.

Lions Club Walkathon, Tyee Plaza

Bill Mathews (pointing), Walkathon organizer, giving instructions to walkers at the starting point at Tyee Plaza, 1971.

Sayward Chamber of Commerce float

The 1958 Canada Day parade.

Job's Daughters at St. Peter's Anglican Church

The 'Big Rock' near Campbell River

Major C. Le Goldney with catch

Major C. Le Goldney of Tientsin, N. China, with his catch of two fish, in September 1926.

Les McDonald with a catch

Les McDonald - over 50 years on the Tyee Pool. Tyee Club wishes to thank Les for his assistance in restoring the Club’s photograph collection.

Elk Falls, Campbell River

Notice the original photograph is labeled 'Echo Falls.'

John Agnew of Seattle, Tyee Man

John C. Agnew of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., Tyee Man 1935 with his 64 lb Tyee. Fish was caught on August 31, 1935.

Tom Merry with his catch

Tom Merry with his catch, and man and woman anglers.

Salmon Festival Parade, 1971.

Bowing out graciously. Queen Yvonne Petellier and Princess Darlene Sharkey in the Salmon Festival Parade.

Graduating Class of 1969

BC Airlines airplane on beach, Campbell River

On right is pilot Bob Langdon, standing in front of his BC Airlines SeaBee. At this time BC Airlines picked up passengers on the beach in front of the Willows Hotel.

CRTV crew filming an interview at their studo

Campbell River's Mayor Ken Forde and Upper Islander newspaper editor Tony Simnett share screen at CRTV debate.

Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson was an agent for the Union Steamship Co. He later became wharfinger for Campbell River.

The Campbell River wharf

Portrait of Agnus Thulin

1964-65 Directors of Tyee Club

Front: Bill Mainwaring, Maxine Egan, and Dick Murphy. Back: Julian Benzamin, J.W. Gaio, Joe Hess, Reg Sinclair, C.W. Schedlar, and Reuben Youngquist. Missing: Gavin Chisholm and C.W. Styer.

Herbert Pidcock with fishing lure

Well known Campbell River fishing guide, Herbert Pidcock, with a lure.

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. float in July 1st parade

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. Float as it enters Lane Field.

Campbell River Waterfront after a storm

View of the original war memorial cenotaph, located on the Island Highway (in forefront). The larger building on the left is the Van Isle Theatre. This photograph was taken before the Tyee Plaza development.