Campbell River graduating class of 1956

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

A two-day Conservative Party rally took place at the Willows Hotel around the start of the First World War.

Murphy with his catch

Man and two children

Office at BC Hydro's John Hart Power house site

Del's Cafe

BC Hydro employees working on pole in Campbellton

Photograph taken approximately at the intersection of the Island Highway and 19th avenue in Campbellton. The Crystal Grill restaurant is visible.

Wallace McMillan

Wallace McMillan with his catch of a 54 lb Tyee on August 16, 1936. Guide Les McDonald.

Sam Henderson carving

Mary Henderson hanging laundry

May and Sam Henderson’s eldest daughter Mary hanging laundry, washtubs at her feet. Keeping 17 children clean without running water or electricity is no mean feat. While a number of homes on the Tyee Spit reserve got indoor water when the Argonaut wharf was built in 1951, the Henderson home was...

Lions Club Senior Citizens Housing Project, Campbell River

Construction begins on the new Senior Citizens centre - Finn Jensen on the saw, Gilbert Deschambault behind, and C.N. Williamson at the far right.

Ken Forde (left), in front of his place of business

Dr. Bryan Williams with catch

The Snow Ball Queen Contest, Campbell River

Theresa Rogerson hides behind her hand as retiring queen Lynn Martin informs her she's been chosen as the 1964 Queen. The annual Snow Ball Queen was an event that was held at CARIHI (Campbell River's high school). Feb. 5, 1964

Campbell River's Municipal Council meeting

Left to right: Jack Lee; Chuck Saults; Wallace Baikie; Magistrate Roderick Haig-Brown; clerk Shelley Knowles; unknown; Mayor Ken Forde (sitting at desk at front of the room); unknown; Blair McLean. June, 1971.

View of Elk Falls taken from Canyon, Campbell River

The Pidcock house under construction

Downtown Campbell River, 1950

View looking south on the Island Highway through downtown Campbell River, 1950. On right is Alex MacLean's Men's Wear. The large building across the street is Laver's Department Store.

View of the Tyee Plaza, downtown Campbell River

Centennial Building in the foreground.

Sisters of St. Ann, Campbell River

The first four sisters to come to Campbell River before the hospital was reopened: Sister Mary Rose Yvonne, Sister Mary Kathleen, Sister Mary Mark, and Sister Mary John Leonard.

Father Christmas at a Campbellton Christmas Parade

Postcard of the Campbell River

View of Painter's Camp

View of the cabins at Painter's Lodge

View of the cabins at Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

Kids with catch at Tyee Club scales