July 1st Parade, Campbell River

Float in the July 1st Parade, Campbell River. 1958.

Interior of Campbell River school

Children's roller skating performance, Campbell River

Group of children at a roller skating performance. This group was likely part of the Campbell River Roller Skating Club. Photo ran in the May 14, 1964 issue of the C.R. Courier newspaper.

Oscar and Agnes Thulin

Oscar Thulin served as the Fire Chief in Campbell River for 24 years. His wife, Agnes was also a member of the C.R. Volunteer Fire Department and was known as the "whistlepunk". She handled the communication end of operating the Fire Department.

Tyee Auto Camp, Painter's Fishing Resort

View of Tyee Auto Camp, Painter's Fishing Resort (postcard). The Tyee Auto Camp was opened in 1929 by the Vanstone family and was later sold to the Painters in 1939. It was run by Madge Painter.

Bathtub races at the McIvor Lake Water Festival

In the lead is the Mayor of Duncan, Jim Quaife, followed closely by Campbell River's Mayor Skip McDonald, with Frank Ney, Mayor of Nanaimo, in the rear. August, 1968.

Thulin family car in front of the third Willows Hotel

The Willows Hotel and Charles Thulin's first car, a Ford. Left to right (on balcony): Genevieve McDonald, Mrs. McDonald, Mr. McDonald (hotel manager), Unknown, Jack Glanvelle (manager of Thulin store), and the first constable stationed in Campbell River. Left to right (front porch):...

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

View of dam with spillway in foreground, 1950s.

Construction of the Community Hall, Campbell River

Volunteers working on constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954. At this time the project had been taken over by the Campbell River Kinsmen Club.

Bill Coleman's "Camp" at Tyee Spit

Bill Coleman's "Camp" at Tyee Spit. From Left: Herbert Pidcock (sitting on steps in black bathing suit), Bill Coleman, Heber Smith, Julie Dodge Nelson, and Darrell Smith. Herbert, Heber, and Darrell were sportfishing guides for Painter's.

Ed Smarch with catch

Ed Smarch with his catch - a 49½ lb Tyee caught on August 3, 1968.

Campbell River Boy's Club gymnastic event

Official opening of Robron School

Left to right: Dot Andrews, Chairman of Board for School District 72; Mike Lange, prior Chairman of Board for SD 72; Brian Smith, the Minister of Education; Tom Barnett, Mayor of Campbell River; and Reverend Dick Hunt, St. Peter's Anglican Church,1980.

Group at cabin on the banks of the Campbell River

Picnic group on a trip to the Elk Falls. From left: Mr. Keating (barber), Miss Barwise (teacher), Anna & Elin Thulin, Mr. Bradley (a farmer and logger who owned a farm to the south of Campbell River), Walter Spencer (telegraph assistant), and Mr. Mason (the gauge tender). Photo taken at Mr....

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou - Tyee Man 1960

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. – Tyee Man 1960. Catch 61 lb. Guide Mike Rippingale.

Guests touring the Ladore Powerhouse project, Campbell River

A new library for the Campbell River High School

Biology teacher Van Egan and his students look over the new charts in their new school library. Jan. 5, 1966

Driftwood Trailer Park, Campbell River.

View of the waterfront and recreational vehicles at the trailer park. This trailer park was located on the Island Highway, south of Campbell River at the base of the hill just before going downtown.

July 1st parade, Campbell River

The Elk Falls Paper Co. float in the July 1st parade. The company celebrates its one-year anniversary being in operation.

Working the lead lines at Bones Bay Cannery

Sam Henderson (front), Arthur (Toosh) Butler (middle), and Ken (Butch) Henderson working on a lead line at the Bones Bay Cannery.

The Pidcock house under construction

The Snow Ball Queen Contest, Campbell River

Theresa Rogerson hides behind her hand as retiring queen Lynn Martin informs her she's been chosen as the 1964 Queen. The annual Snow Ball Queen was an event that was held at CARIHI (Campbell River's high school). Feb. 5, 1964

Godfrey Baldwin

Godfrey Baldwin on his property in Campbellton.

The Cliffe family

Front row: Moses Cliffe with his son and daughter. Back row left to right: Anne Munday, Molly Whale and Eleanor Cliffe (née Wilson). Molly Whale (born 1875) was Eleanor’s aunt. She and her first husband, Joe Munday of Salmon River, adopted Anne Munday. Joe Munday passed away and Molly...

Lourdes Hospital

Postcard showing a view of the Lourdes Hospital.