Man with a Spaniel dog

L&H block under construction, Campbell River

The L&H block located on the Island Highway in downtown Campbell River. It was situated next to the Vanstone Buildings.

Lions walkathon on the Tyee Spit

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club


Bill's Second Hand Store after a heavy snowfall

Campbell River Airport control tower

A view inside the control tower at the Campbell River Airport.

Campbell River Waterfront, 1968.

View of the shoreline from the government wharf, 1968. The RCMP office is visible to the left.

Bourne and Weir tire shop located in Campbellton

The tire shop was located at the corner of Peterson Road and the Island Highway (1710 Island Hwy). This photograph was taken looking north up the Highway.

Group of anglers with their respective catches

From left: J. Phillips of San Diego, U.S.A., with his catch of a 37½ lb Tyee salmon; C. Tokarz of Santa Monica, U.S.A., with his catch of a 40 lb Tyee salmon; and Clyde Massey of Los Angeles, U.S.A., with his catches of a 48½ lb and a 46½ lb Tyee salmon. August 9, 1960.

C.H. Forster with a catch

C.H. Forster with his catch - a 55 lb Tyee registered with the Tyee Club of British Columbia. Mr. Forster caught his fish on September 7, 1944.

Lillie Thulin cuts cake to commemorate anniversary, 1971.

Event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Campbell River Courier newspaper.

The home of the Isaacs

This house was built and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Isaac. It was later used as the first village hall and was located approximately where the Safeway shopping centre was later built.

Willows Hotel and Iaci block, Campbell River

First Campbell River Water Festival

Miss Campbell River Marilyn Marshall stands with contestants in the 'Hag o' the Swamp' Contest. Dan Campbell on left and Bill McIntosh on right.

Unknown lady angler with fish

Forbes Landing Lodge on lower Campbell Lake

Forbes Landing at its original site on Lower Campbell Lake. This photograph was taken just before the 1938 forest fire which occurred later that year and destroyed the lodge buildings.

Ernie and Sam Henderson carving the Mileage Totem

Members of the Tyee Plaza Merchant's Assocation

The new executive of the Tyee Plaza merchants association with a model of their new mascot "Mr. Tyee". Left to right: Mel Clarke (drugstore), Bill Meyer (Men's Wear), John Hasbrouck (Town Shoes), Dave Chilton (Super Valu), Greg Hartisan, unknown , Mary Larsen (Island Images),...

Shoo-shoo the clown at Museum Day event

Sharon Rondquist (nee Turner) aka Shoo-Shoo the clown at Museum Day event held at Foreshore Pavilion, Sept. 3, 1982.

Annual boat regatta held in Campbell River

July 1st celebrations at Campbell River

Group of people gathered for July 1st celebrations at Campbell River in 1916. Building on right is the Campbell River Trading Company store operated by the Thulin Bros. and smaller building on left is the telegraph office. The boardwalk that is visible between these two buildings is the access to...

Moving the former home of Oscar and Agnus Thulin

The Thulin house (located at the corner of 10th avenue and the Island Highway) being moved to its new location in Campbellton, November 1965.

Bowling team with trophy

Graduation Class of 1957