Lillie Thulin with Thulin family portrait, September 1970

In portrait, back row: Carl Thulin with mother, Mary Thulin (holding Lillie). Anna and Elin in front with father, Charles Thulin.

Commercial fishing boats at Campbell River wharf

Eleanor Cliffe and Elizabeth Quocksister

Bones Bay cannery workers: Eleanor Cliffe and Elizabeth Quocksister.

Campbell River Recreation Association Circus Gym

Gymnastic event hosted by CRRA in Campbell River's community hall.

Dave McDonald with two fish

Quinsam Fish Hatchery, September 1976

Tyee salmon on the scale

Ken Forde poses with many portraits of himself

The portraits were done in a competition run by Dagmar's Store.

Dick Kosick performs a graft on a fir tree during a tour/demonstration

Forester Dick Kosick performs a graft while spectators (left to right) look on: unidentified man, Carl Thulin, T.W.C. July 2, 1964

George Quocksister

Building the Foreshore Park

Later known as the Robert V. Ostler Park fillng in a section of the waterfront area directly in front of the Island Highway.

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Tammy McConkey in photograph.

The Big Rock

Mae and Valma Anderson at the Big Rock on the way to Campbell River.

Campbell River RCMP detachment

RCMP officers Bud Porter and Ed Hall stand in front of a police car.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

View of cofferdams on either side of the Strathcona Dam.

Guide Charley Lynch with two fisherman

Men on beach with large log

July 1st parade, Campbell River

B&G's General Store entry in the July 1st parade.

L&H block under construction, Campbell River

A view of the back of the L&H block which was located on the Island Highway in downtown Campbell River.

Dick Fitzpatrick, Tyee Man, with catch

Dick Fitzpatrick of West Covina, California, U.S.A., on left with his catch of a 51½ lb tyee caught on August 14, 1964. This catch earned him the title of Tyee Man 1964. His guide, Van Egan, is on right.

Opening ceremonies for the village of Campbell River's water supply

Opening ceremony for the village's water supply from John Hart Dam. On left Village Commissioners, John Baikie and Oscar Thulin.

Les McDonald with fish

Harold Soy - Tyee Man 1939

Harold B. Soy of Salem, Oregon, U.S.A. – Tyee Man 1939. Weight 62½ lbs.

Del's Café

Girl guides at camp on Hudson's Farm