Thulin youngsters with their fish

Bones Bay Cannery

Wilbur (?), net man at the Bones Bay Cannery on West Cracoft Island. Many Lekwiltok people from Campbell River worked at Bones Bay during the summer fishing season. When the cannery closed in the late 1940’s Bones Bay manager Jack Dorman and James Henderson of Campbell River put some of the...

Anglers with Tyee Salmon at Tyee Club Scales

Last group guided by Darrell Smith, 1939

Darrell Smith, centre, with the last party that he guided in September of 1939 before joining the forces to serve in WWII. The party was Mr. and Mrs. Suduth from Santa Barbara California. Mrs. Suduth caught the Tyee.

Roderick Haig-Brown with daughters

Roderick Haig-Brown with his two daughters, Valerie and Mary, in the study at the Haig-Brown House.

Campbell River graduating class of 1956

View of Shoppers Row, Campbell River

Ron Atchinson with brief case standing beside the Island Highway, through downtown Campbell River. June 1976.

John Smith with his catch of four fish

Fishermen with catch of salmon, May 1972

From left: host Steve Marshall, Bobby Hull (NHL hockey star), Mrs. Hull, and fishing guide Cliffe Noakes.

Ken Forde's garage in Willow Point

An RCMP police car and Officer John Sonnenberg can also be seen in the photo.

Unknown anglers in rowboats

Opening of "T" bowling alley, Campbell River

Maria Thulin bowls the first ball at the new bowling alley in Campbell River. The alley was opened on September 8, 1950.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Possibly construction of the Ladore dam, 1950s.

Peter and Glen Ford

Peter and Glen Ford (the famous actor) with a catch of Northern Coho, 9-16 lb, on September 17, 1968.

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. float in July 1st parade

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. Float as it enters Lane Field.

Brammal and Mason

Dan Saunders with catch

Dan Saunders – 1981 Chisholm Trophy winner. Guide Joan Pengelly.

Mrs. Bourns with catch

Mrs. Bourns of Vancouver, B.C. with her catch - a 41 lb Tyee caught on August 24, 1933.

K. Stowitts with catches

K. Stowitts with two salmon - a 28 1/2 lb Spring and a 41 1/2 lb Tyee.

Salmon barbecue on the beach

Salmon barbecue on the beach in front of the VanIsle Theatre (now the Tidemark Theatre).

An unidentified young girl with a whirligig toy

Kinsmen Club float depicting Ripple Rock in parade, Campbell River

Kinsmen "Ripple Rock" float as it entered Lane Field.

Previous Mayor of Campbell River, Ken Forde

Carl 'Tubby' Thulin of Pioneer Hardware

Sam Henderson carving