Cemetery, Wei Wai Kum Reserve

First Campbell River Water Festival, McIvor Lake

The first Campbell River Water Festival (later called the Salmon Festival), which took place at McIvor Lake. June, 1968.

Brammal and Mason

Miss Campbell River presents a Crown Zellerbach display

Roderick Haig-Brown in his study, Haig-Brown House

Exterior of the new Campbell River Elementary, Junior Senior High School

View of the Campbell River Cemetery, Feb. 21, 1968

Group of people swimming, possibly at Storie's Beach

Thulin family car in front of the third Willows Hotel

The Willows Hotel and Charles Thulin's first car, a Ford. Left to right (on balcony): Genevieve McDonald, Mrs. McDonald, Mr. McDonald (hotel manager), Unknown, Jack Glanvelle (manager of Thulin store), and the first constable stationed in Campbell River. Left to right (front porch):...

The New Ambulance Parked at the Fire Hall

Opening of "T" bowling alley, Campbell River

Maria Thulin bowls the first ball at the new bowling alley in Campbell River. The alley was opened on September 8, 1950.

Concerned citizens outside the Willows Hotel

An air base had been proposed at the Tyee Spit, and concerned citizens gathered at the Willows Hotel to discuss the project. At left in plaid shirt is pilot Bob Langdon; at centre facing camera is Roderick Haig-Brown.

Members of the Campbell River Village Council, 1965

From left to right: J. Steven, Isobel Sandberg, Arnold Cameron, T. Richardson, Magistrate Lewis (sitting), A. Clinton, Ernie Lawson, and Jack Lee.

Guide J. Todd with guests and catch

View of the lobby at Forbes Landing Lodge, Campbell River

View of the Island Highway through downtown Campbell River

View looking north along the Island Highway through downtown Campbell River. The Gordon Motion Gas Station, a barber shop, and the Willows Hotel visible on the right.

Campbell River Senior Secondary School play

Students on stage for a "school operetta", 1956.

George Dick (Munmuntle)

George’s father, Hәmzid, lived in the Salmon River village of H’Kusam. Like Johnny Ferry, George was from the Kweeha branch of the Lekwiltok people. George Dick married Louise Quatell, sister of Sam Quatell. He died in 1984 at age 83.

The Campbell River, below Elk Falls

Father Christmas at a Campbellton Christmas Parade

Seaplanes tied up at dock at Tyee Spit, 1976.

Photo taken in September, 1976.

Presentation of the Legion Fishing Derby Trophy

Phil Harris and Alice Faye present in photograph.

Anglers with their catch on front steps of the Willows Hotel.

Joe Iaci (on left) with his nephew, Frank Iaci (second from left), and Ross Filippone (right) and a catch of salmon on the front steps of the Willows Hotel. Joe Iaci was the co-owner of the Willows Hotel.

Construction of the John Hart Dam

A.N. Wolverton with fish