A Campbell River flood

The Injanuaty Studio Upholstering in a Campbellton flood, 1948.

Bonnor with catch

Carihi Students play in Basketball League Game, 1981

Carihi Tyees Dave Elmore (#5) struggles for ball with Dave Brissotto (#10) and Mike Holm (#11) during league game

View of Painter's Camp

View of the cabins at Painter's Lodge

Group at cabin on the banks of the Campbell River

Picnic group on a trip to the Elk Falls. From left: Mr. Keating (barber), Miss Barwise (teacher), Anna & Elin Thulin, Mr. Bradley (a farmer and logger who owned a farm to the south of Campbell River), Walter Spencer (telegraph assistant), and Mr. Mason (the gauge tender). Photo taken at Mr....

Construction of the Haida Inn

The Golden Goose Café also visible beside it.

Downtown Campbell River

View of downtown Campbell River showing the Discovery Inn and Tyee Plaza.

Sportfishing at Painter's Lodge, August 1971.

Mrs. Woodward (of Woodward's Stores) with her 36 1/2 pound registered Tyee. Caught on a special spoon 3/6 tackle on the evening of the 9th at Frenchman's pool. Guide is R.D. Berger.

Two unknown anglers with fish

Boy Scouts

Dick Fitzpatrick, Tyee Man, with catch

Dick Fitzpatrick with his catch of 51½ lb Tyee on August 14, 1964. Guide Van Egan.

Campbell River RCMP detachment

RCMP officers on the front steps of Campbell River's offices. From left: George Kent, Len Gray, and John Sonnenberg.

July 1st Barbecue and Regatta

The battle for Mayor of Campbell River

Ken Forde and Skip McDonald play at tug-o-war to see who will win in the Municipal Election for Mayor of Campbell River. McDonald was defeated, and Ken Forde became Mayor in December of 1970.

H.F. Schaefer with catch

H.F. Schaefer of Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. with his catch - a 37 lb Tyee caught on August 23, 1962.

Dr. J.A. Wiborn, first President of Tyee Club

Dr. J.A. Wiborn, first President of the Tyee Club. Tyee Man 1925 and 1930. Weight 63½ lb. Guide Herb Pidcock.

Simms house on Island Highway near Willow Point.

The Simms house was located on the Island Highway (approximately at 1822 S. Island Highway). At one time they owned a parcel of land that stretched from Rockland Road to Hilchey Road. Mrs. Simms sold a portion of the lot to Mrs. Glenny and then later developed Hilchey and Galerno Roads.

View of John Hart Generating Station

B.C. Hydro's John Hart generating station with the surge towers behind, 1951.

Downtown Campbell River

Looking north along the Island Highway. Building on the left is the L&H block and the Vanstone block (which housed the Government Liquor store) on the right.

Brownies celebrate Easter at the Lourdes Hospital, 1950

View of Ken Forde's Garage in Willow Point, located on Island Hwy.

Two male anglers with three fish

Mayoral Candidate, Tom Barnett, on the Beach

View of the Campbell River Estuary with log booming grounds in the background.

Elk Falls, Campbell River

View of the Quinsam Hotel Campbellton

This view of the Quinsam Hotel was taken before it was extensively rennovated in 1963. The rennovations included a large addition that wrapped around the front and side of the building.