The second Willows Hotel under construction

The second Willows Hotel was built in 1908 and promptly burned down in 1909. A third Willows Hotel was then built on this same location.

Mr. Cyr, maintenance man at Lourdes Hospital

Mrs. Woodward with her catch

Mrs. Woodward with her catch - a 36 1/2 lb Tyee.

Nurses with patient outside Lourdes Hospital, Campbell River

Woman second from left is Phyllis Rossiter.

Boy Scouts

Four generations of the Perkins family of Campbell River

The Perkins family were early settlers to the Campbell River area. In this photograph are Great-grandfather John Perkins Sr. holding the youngest addition, David Robert Perkins. The grandfather John Jr. on the left and the father Robert on the right. Jan. 28, 1965

Two anglers at the Willows Hotel scale

Herbert Pidcock with catch of salmon

Guide, Herbert Pidcock, with catch of salmon on weigh scales located on the Tyee Spit, Campbell River.

Queen Margaret's field hockey team

Elizabeth’s half sister Reubina Ferry attended Queen Margaret’s Private School in Duncan. Prior to 1950 children from the Campbell River Indian Reserve were not permitted to attend the local public school. A Day School on the Tyee Spit provided Grades 1 to 8, but parents who wanted a high school...

Unknown man and woman anglers with fish

Fred Nunns on right on his porch in Campbellton

Frederick Nuuns (man on right) obtained land along the Campbell River in 1887 and is considered one of the Campbell River's first non-native settlers.

M. Murphy with catch

M. Murphy with catch - a 48 1/2 lb Tyee.

Girl Guides Christmas

New Year's Eve at Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

Herbert Pidcock and Dr. Wiborn with a salmon

Herbert Pidcock on left holding salmon.

Unknown man with Tyee

View of Forbes Landing Lodge taken from an airplaine

View of the main lodge, gardens and docks. Photograph taken sometime after the 1950s.

Constructing the Centennial Building

Campbell River's Centennial Building, meant to house the Tourist Bureau, Museum, and Library at the time. The pole in front (a Kwakwaka'wakw Bear Pole) was carved by Sam Henderson, and was one of a number of poles distributed to Vancouver Island communities to celebrate the centennial...

Tyee Club record holders for 1969

From right: Doug Piggott, Hugh Evans, and R.D. Berger. All three were Tyee Club Trophy winners for 1969.

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou - Tyee Man 1960

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. – Tyee Man 1960. Catch 61 lb. Guide Mike Rippingale.

First Nations people in ceremonial dress, July 1st

Woman at front may be Katie Ferry. Members of the Campbell River Reserve participating in the July 1st parade at Lane Field.

Lobby of the third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

Photograph likely taken in 1909.

Celebration of Indian Authors

The 'Celebration of Indian Authors' Day - a national Book Week event which was held at Cape Mudge Hall. Danny Henderson dancing with his son behind him. Also in photo (left to right): Harry Assu, Jim Wilson, Lorne Smith, and Star Kwaksistala (Russell Quocksister) holding the rattle.

Official Opening of Willow Point Park

The Roller Follies

The Centennial Roller Follies. From top: Pat Andrews, Elizabeth McKenzie, Cheryl Stapley, and Nancy Macklin.