Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Herbert Pidcock, Ned Painter and Horace Smith

From left: Herbert Pidcock, Ned Painter, and Horace Smith (child unknown but likely one of Ned Painter's children) on beach at Tyee Spit.

July 1st Parade, Campbell River, 1966

Members of the Wei Wai Kum Reserve participating in a July 1st parade at Campbell River. From left to right: Mark Henderson, Rocky Quocksister, John Henderson, Elvis Smith, Richie Quocksister, Arnie Smith and Sam Henderson in the back holding the drum.

'The Dance Hall'

A favourite swimming hole located on the inside of the Tyee Spit near where the campground is today. Local children used to call this area ‘The Dance Hall’ because one of the early big houses on the spit had an extension, raised on piles, that jutted out over this stretch of shoreline.

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Members of the Campbell River Indian Band dancing

Members of the Campbell River Indian band dancing in the parking lot of the Tyee Plaza. Photo ran with story in the May 13, 1964 issue of the C.R. Courier newspaper.

Children selling worms, Campbell River

Children likley lived in Campbellton near the photographer, Godfrey Baldwin's home. 1949

J. Painter and R. Murphy

J. Painter and R. Murphy fishing at Frenchman's Pool.

Presentation of the Legion Fishing Derby Trophy

Phil Harris and Alice Faye present in photograph.

Campbell River's waterfront and wharf

Buildings on shore from left: Laver's Store, Bee Hive Café block and the Willows Hotel.

Annual Roller Follies performance, Campbell River

The Campbell River Roller Skating Club puts on its fourth annual presentation (known as the Roller Follies) - a circus on wheels - at the Community Hall. Picturing Frankie Milmore with an unknown child. June 1, 1966

In front of the church at Alert Bay

Unidentified man and George Prevost in front of the United Church in Alert Bay.

Fred Nunns on his homestead in Campbellton

Frederick Nuuns obtained land along the Campbell River in 1887 and is considered one of the Campbell River's first non-native settlers. He is seen here on the left in front of his barn. The woman on the right may be his sister Annie who also lived on the Nunns homestead at one point.

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

On the beach in front of the hotel are a number of wooden rowboats that likely would have been used to take guests fishing for salmon.

Aerial view of downtown Campbell River

View of downtown Campbell River showing the Willows Hotel, Community Hall, Van Isle Theatre as well as a number of other retail store fronts.

Unidentified angler with catch

Unidentified angler with catch on Campbell River beach front. The boardwalk that can be seen in this photograph was built from lumber of a barge that wrecked in a storm and ran the length of the downtown area.

Herbert Pidcock with a salmon

Photo taken August, 1929.

UNESCO Conference at Campbell River

Patrick Watson, the keynote speaker, being briefed by Geoff Goodship (centre) and Principal John Young (right).

Opening of Campbell River Elementary-High School

The official opening of the new Campbell River Elementary-High School, April 28, 1950. The school was located on the corner of Dogwood and 7th Avenue, but later burned to the ground in August, 1976. Today the site is occupied by Phoenix Middle School.

Students taking their Easter exams at Campbell River's Junior Secondary School

Exams held in the gym of the Campbell River Junior Secondary School, 1968.

Peter Smith Memorial Service

From left: Jim Dick, James Sewid, and Thomas Hunt.

Darlene Willis, Miss Campbell River 1960

July 1st Barbecue and Regatta

From left Ethel Assu, Sam Henderson, Francis Drake and Mae Henderson.

Official opening celebration of Elk Falls Pulp Mill

Thulin Family sitting on the front steps of their home

Members of the Thulin family on the front steps of their home, Thulin Court (later known as Richmond Court). This building originally housed the first store in Campbell River and was later converted to living quarters for the Thulin Family. It was located slightly north of the first Willows Hotel.