Roderick Haig-Brown Being Photographed on the beach

Roderick Haig-Brown in his study

Members of the Campbell River Village Council, 1965

From left to right: J. Steven, Isobel Sandberg, Arnold Cameron, T. Richardson, Magistrate Lewis (sitting), A. Clinton, Ernie Lawson, and Jack Lee.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Finished view of the Strathcona dam looking upstream.

Henderson twins in the Parade, 1958

Henderson twins in a parade at Lane Field Park, June 30, 1958.

Group of Campbell River Brownies on Stage

Man with a Spaniel dog

Sportfishing at the Tyee Club

Laying new sewer pipes

Omar Noles, Tyee Man, with catch

Tyee Man 1970, Omar Noles, on left with his catch a 60 lb Tyee caught on August 24, 1970. Guide Bruce Swanson, on right.

Laver's and the Bee Hive Café

Also located in the Bee Hive block is Rexall Drugs.

Mrs. Evans with her catch

Sportfishing at Painter's Lodge

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Official opening of Sandowne School

(Left to right) Ross Ritchie, Dot Andrews, and Bill Standever at the opening of Sandowne School, Campbell River.

Three unknown anglers with fish

E.R.T. crossing Island Hwy, Campbellton

Looking north down the Island Hwy. with the Elk River Timber crossing in the foreground. First building on the right is the Quinsam Hotel.

Campbell River Students

Tyee Club record holders for 1969

From right: Doug Piggott, Hugh Evans, and R.D. Berger. All three were Tyee Club Trophy winners for 1969.

Observation bunker for viewing Ripple Rock Explosion

Unknown angler with fish

Herbert Pidcock and another angler with catch of salmon

Herbert Pidcock on left with a 70lb salmon caught in the Campbell River area.

Annual boat regatta held in Campbell River

One male and one female angler with three fish

Beth Coleman with her catch

Beth Coleman of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. with her five fish. Guide Herbert Pidcock.