W. A. Parker with catch

W.A. Parker of Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A. with his catch - a 48 lb Tyee caught on August 14, 1934.


The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

On the beach in front of the hotel are a number of wooden rowboats that likely would have been used to take guests fishing for salmon.

Unknown angler with fish

T.W. Bourns with catch

T.W. Bourns of Vancouver, B.C. with his catch - a 53 lb Tyee caught on August 31, 1929.

Father Christmas at a Campbellton Christmas Parade

First Nations people in ceremonial dress, July 1st

Woman at front may be Katie Ferry. Members of the Campbell River Reserve participating in the July 1st parade at Lane Field.

Ray E. Slocum with catch of salmon

Fisherman Ray E. Slocum, Tyee Man 1947, with his 70 1/2lb Tyee Salmon caught July 29th. This is a record holding catch under the Tyee Club of British Columbia's 3/6 tackle regulations. Mr. Slocum's guide was D.L. Les McDonald (not in photograph).

The Second Willows Hotel, Campbell River

The second Willows Hotel in Campbell River was built in 1908. It burned to the ground on February 9, 1909. Shortly thereafter, a third Willows Hotel was built on the same location.

View Looking South Towards the Willows Hotel

Mr. and Mrs. James Forbes

Mr. and Mrs. Forbes relax in the main room of the Forbes Landing Lodge.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Strathcona Dam project marshalling area adjacent to cofferdam, 1956.

Drilling crew involved in project to destroy Ripple Rock

Photograph taken by local author Francis Dickie for use in an article he wrote about one of the attempts to remove Ripple Rock. Dickie's caption read: "Men of drilling crew: brave men who rode a continually active "sea-earth-quake" in the heart of perhaps the most dangerous tide...

Mayor Ken Forde Volunteering

Mayor Ken Forde, volunteering for the Salmon Festival's Torture Tank.

The Ripple Rock Explosion

Hilda Parker, Tyee Man, with her catch

Hilda Parker of Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A., Tyee Man 1944 with her catch - a 65 1/2lb Tyee caught on August 16, 1944.

Mr. Wislander with catch

Mr. Wislander of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., with his catch of 52 lb Tyee in 1961. Guide Einar Anderson.

Postcard of Elk Falls in Winter

M.A. Cowan with catch

M.A. Cowan of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Guide Joe Meredith (not in photograph).

View of the area that was to become the Foreshore Park

Looking south down the Island Highway. The Bee Hive Café and Laver's Store visible on the left.

The Quinsam Hotel and Crawford's General Store

Construction on the Quinsam Hotel began in 1917 by Mr. Tom Laffin, who then sold the incomplete hotel to Mr. Ken Bergstrom (known as 'Brannigan'). Brannigan only owned the hotel for a few years before selling in 1924 to Jim English (known as 'the Bishop') Crawford's...

May Day celebrations at Lane Field

View of Forbes Landing Lodge, Campbell River

Bill Glendale and Anne Munday

Anne Munday was the eldest daughter of Eleanor Cliffe.

Miss Campbell River, Karen Imamura boards the plane

Photo to accompany article in C.R. Courier newspaper, July 16, 1964.