Construction of the John Hart Generating Station

Ballet Recital, 1957

Ballet students preparing for a recital.

Roller skating poster contest

The annual rolling skating show's poster contest - winners in photograph are (left to right) Pat Krug, Nancy Brown, and Joanne Krug.

View of the wood stave penstock leading from John Hart Dam

Members of the Forbes Family who established the lodge

Left to right: James Forbes, Bill Sutherland, and Mrs. Elizabeth Forbes. The boy in front is Gordon Forbes.

Cabins at Painter's Fishing Resort

View of cabins and grounds surrounding Painter's Fishing Resort, c. 1930's.

Marching drills at St. Michael's

Marching drills at Saint Michael’s Indian Residential School in Alert Bay. During the war such exercises were a common feature of school routines throughout the country. Residential school students supported the war effort by knitting socks and mitts for the troops.

Aerial view of the Campbell River estuary

View of the river mouth, estuary area showing the Elk River Timber Co. booming grounds.

Ms. Sparrow with her catch

Ms. Sparrow with her catch of a 51 lb Tyee.

Opening ceremonies for the village of Campbell River's water supply

Opening ceremony for the village's water supply from John Hart Dam. On left Village Commissioners, John Baikie and Oscar Thulin.

Lions Club Walkathon, Tyee Plaza

Bill Mathews (pointing), Walkathon organizer, giving instructions to walkers at the starting point at Tyee Plaza, 1971.

View of downtown Campbell River, 1940s

View of Island Highway through downtown Campbell River. Pioneer Hardware building and view of the Willows Hotel.

Carihi girls basketball team, 1975

Top row: Tricia Tait, Laura Taylor, Lea Twells, Leslie Linton, Jane Sacht, Rina Muzzin, Dave Wurz. Front row: Peg McLoughlin, Rae Stohl, Jathy Sacht, Carol Modin, Liz Strebbel.

M.A. Cowan with catch

M.A. Cowan of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Guide Joe Meredith (not in photograph).

Herbert Pidcock with guest and salmon

Herbert Pidcock on left with guest.

John de Glenn with his catch, and another man

Robbie Burns Night Celebration Dinner, Campbell River

Canadian Legion Branch 137

Legion Branch 137, originally formed in 1934.

Office at BC Hydro's John Hart Power house site

Campbell River beachfront in front of downtown Campbell River.

This is the area the Foreshore Park (later known as the Robert V. Ostler Park) was built in, just prior to it being reclaimed. Visible in the background is the Iaci Building at the instersection of the St. Ann's and the Island Hwy.

Haig-Brown children

Roderick Haig-Brown's children: Mary, Alan, Celia, and Valerie - being photographed for a magazine.

Campbell River Fire Department personnel and equipment

Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson was an agent for the Union Steamship Co. He later became wharfinger for Campbell River.

Municipal Council

Left to right: Chuck Saults, Herb Osing, Sandra Baikie, Skip McDonald (seated), Jack Lee, Ken Forde, and Wallace Baikie.

Remembrance Day at the Legion

Members of the Campbell River Legion gather after Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Campbell River cenotaph.