Mayor Ken Forde Volunteering

Mayor Ken Forde, volunteering for the Salmon Festival's Torture Tank.

Mrs. Moss, Tyee Club 3/6 Champion with her catch

Mrs. E. Moss of Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., Tyee Club 3/6 Champion 1955, and her catch - a 63½ lb Tyee. Salmon was caught using regulation 3/6 tackle on August 27, 1955 and her guide (on left) was Jim Ross.

Banquet held at the official opening of the Ladore Powerhouse

W.A.C. Bennett on right beside the chef at the banquet opening.

Albert J. Sommer with catch

Albert J. Sommer of Victoria, B.C. with his catch - a 41 lb Tyee which he caught on August 26, 1934.

Unidentified children with a salmon at the Willows Hotel

Maypole on the Tyee Spit

May Queen Yvonne Price, eldest daughter of Daisy (Roberts) and Tom Price, stands beside the pole. The second young girl has not been identified.

Opening of the new government wharf, Campbell River

Opening ceremonies for the new wharf in Campbell River, January 16, 1950. Opening event was conducted by the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce and attended by J.L. Gibson, Independent member for the Comox-Alberni riding.

View of the Campbell River Spit, c. 1920

The first commercial landing at Campbell River Airport

Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) lands a DC-3 on Campbell River's new runway, flown by Captain Jack Crosby on August 22, 1959. This was the first commercial landing at the Campbell River Airport, and it also served as a test run for PWA, which began flying twice daily commercial flights from...

A hiking party going to the Falls

Anna Thulin, Mr. Bradley, Elin Thulin, Mr. Walter Spencer, Miss Ethel Barwise (Hetty), and Mr. Keating having a picnic at the Falls. Hetty writes, "Notice where we should have landed had we slipped - one can scarcely hear one's own voice for the roaring water."

Construction of the Campbell River Court House

Marching drills at St. Michael's

Marching drills at Saint Michael’s Indian Residential School in Alert Bay. During the war such exercises were a common feature of school routines throughout the country. Residential school students supported the war effort by knitting socks and mitts for the troops.

At the Henderson family home

Left to right: Bill Glendale, Henry George ‘Wee sah dzee’, Peter Mountain, and Lawrence Joseph in the front room of the Henderson family home.

Klondike Night event, Campbell River

Klondike Day's event held in Campbell River. This event was annually held by the Rotary Club of Campbell River.

Dedication of the Foreshore Park Long House

Charlie Peters of Cape Mudge (left) and Sam Henderson of Campbell River (right) at the dedication ceremony for the Longhouse at the Foreshore Park (now Robert V. Ostler Park). Sam is explaining the meanings of the carvings on the longhouse, in his native language.

View of the Tyee Plaza, downtown Campbell River

Centennial Building in the foreground.

Willows Hotel, Campbell River

The Tyee Club was organized here in the summer of 1924.

Graduation Class of 1953

Campbell River Elementary-High School graduating glass of 1953.

Annual Roller Follies performance, Campbell River

The Campbell River Roller Skating Club puts on its fourth annual presentation (known as the Roller Follies) - a circus on wheels - at the Community Hall. Picturing Frankie Milmore with an unknown child. June 1, 1966

School class photograph, Campbell River

Photograph of class taken in front of their school which at this time was called the Campbell River Public School.

July 1st Barbecue and Regatta

Sign at entrance to Lane Field, Campbell River Park

Lane Field was located in Campbellton at the intersection of the ERT road and the Island Hwy. It was named for Charlie Lane, an ERT employee as a memorial.

J. Painter and R. Murphy

J. Painter and R. Murphy fishing at Frenchman's Pool.

Joe Painter (?) with Mrs. Wiborn and salmon

Swim class