Johnny Ferry Jr.

Johnny Ferry Jr. posing with his decorated bike. What looks like a cedar bark gathering basket hangs on his back.

Opening of Campbell River Elementary, Junior-Senior High School

Students arriving at the school in Campbell River.

Fishing guide Thor Erickssen with catch of fish

Butch Henderson, Jim Quatell, and Dan Quatell

Left to right: Butch Henderson, Jim Quatell, and his father Dan Quatell. Butch was married to Maud Quatell who was Jim’s sister and Dan’s daughter. Dan, born in 1875 at Vancouver Bay near Stuart Island came to Campbell River in the 1890’s. He belonged to both the Awahoo and Gigalkam numayma of...

A triumphant Alert Bay soccer team returns

Dr. J.A. Wiborn with Herbert Pidcock and salmon

View of Elk Falls taken from Canyon, Campbell River

Mickey's Taxi

Mickey Pierce, who owned Mickey's Taxi, was subsequently part-owner of the Quinsam Hotel.

Opening festivities for baseball season, Campbell River

Miss Campbell River, Irene Huntley, and Quadra May Queen, Jan Murphy, stand between Harry Anaka (left) and Mayor Skip McDonald at the opening ceremonies for the baseball season. May 22, 1968

Annual Roller Follies performance, Campbell River

The Campbell River Roller Skating Club puts on its fourth annual presentation (known as the Roller Follies) - a circus on wheels - at the Community Hall. June 1, 1966

BC Hydro employee doing repairs, Campbell River

Employee at John Hart generating station doing repairs on a B.C. Hydro equipment. Photo taken July 6, 1965.

Ken Forde's garage in Willow Point

Ken Forde services Officer John Sonnenberg's police car.

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

M. Murphy with catch

M. Murphy with catch - a 48 1/2 lb Tyee.

Elk Falls Park, Campbell River

The signing place for visitors to the falls.

The Kinette Fashion Show, Campbell River

Tonetta' (Tony) Dolan and 'Tedina' (Ted) Haan perform at the Kinette's Fashion Show. Oct. 5, 1966

James G. Potts, President

James G. Potts, President 1933. Gold Button Tyee Weight 50¾ lb.

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Ivy McDonald with her catch

Ivy McDonald with her catch of 52 lb Tyee. Guide Les McDonald.

Children at the Henderson family home

Neighbourhood kids on the back stoop of May and Sam Henderson’s house. Girl sitting on the top step is May’s youngest sister, Delavina.


Three people and two fish at Painter's Lodge.

Marion W. Slocum with catch

Marion W. Slocum with her catch - a 59 lb Tyee Salmon caught on September 4, 1947. She caught this fish using 3/6" Tyee Club regulation tackle and her guide was D.L. Les McDonald.

July 1st Parade, Campbell River

Baikie Bros. Log. Co. entry in the July 1st parade at Campbell River.

Mr. Wislander with catch

Mr. Wislander of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. with his catch of 52 lb Tyee in 1961. Guide Einar Anderson (not in photograph).

Painter's Lodge