Georgia Maclean with her catch and guide Jim Sears

Christmas party, Campbell River

Christmas party looks like it may have been held in the Community Hall at Campbellton.

Two Sister's of St. Ann's at Campbell River

Sister Superior and Sister Carmen Marie, two of the Sister's of St. Ann's who operated the Lourdes Hospital.

Advertisement for Rexall Drug Stores, Campbell River

Partners Leo Richards and Clair Hamilton pose for an advertisement for Rexall Drug Stores - the giant one cent coin was added to the photograph later.

View of the Quinsam Hotel Campbellton

This view of the Quinsam Hotel was taken before it was extensively rennovated in 1963. The rennovations included a large addition that wrapped around the front and side of the building.

BC Hydro employee doing repairs, Campbell River

Employee at John Hart generating station doing repairs on a B.C. Hydro vehicle. Photo taken July 6, 1965.

Unknown man with Tyee

Row boats

Campbell River RCMP detachment

A farewell gift for Len Gray, an RCMP officer, and his wife Jackie.

Early advertisement for Painter's Fishing Resort

E.P. Painter (Ned) and his wife June moved to the Campbell River area in the early 1920's. Ned, a boatbuilder, established a business in 1924 on the Tyee Spit. He specialized in building small wooden clinker-built boats which where used by anglers.

George Piercy and David R. Duke

George Piercy with his catch of 47½ lb, and David R. Duke with his catch of 24½ lb on August 13, 1971. Neither fish was registered. Both anglers are from Victoria, B.C.

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Front view of the Willow Point Women's softball team float along with the other entries of the July 1st parade at Campbell River.

Pughing salmon

Len Aleck and a second, unidentified, man pughing salmon into the hold of a packer. This method of transferring fish was stopped in the 1980’s because it damaged the meat if done improperly.

View of BC Hydro's John Hart Generating Station

View of the generating station with the three surge tanks in the background. Photo taken July 6, 1965.

A model salmon

A model of a 62 lb Tyee Salmon caught in the Campbell River area. Presented by Robert Page to the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London.

Aerial view of downtown Campbell River

View shows the Island Highway going through the north end of downtown Campbell River. The Tyee Plaza and Haida Inn are two of the many commercial retail businesses that are visible.

Campbell River Garage

Yvonne and Peter Dick

Laundry flapping overhead and a pile of newly split firewood behind them, Yvonne Dick (later Henderson) and her brother Peter pose in the yard of their home on the Tyee Spit.

Painter's Lodge

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

First Nations people in ceremonial dress, July 1st

Woman at front may be Katie Ferry. Members of the Campbell River Reserve participating in the July 1st parade at Lane Field.

Annual Roller Follies performance, Campbell River

The Campbell River Roller Skating Club puts on its fourth annual presentation (known as the Roller Follies) - a circus on wheels - at the Community Hall. Picturing Frankie Milmore with an unknown child. June 1, 1966

Guide Charlie McDonald with guest John H. Wood

Fishing guide Charlie McDonald (on right) with guest John H. Wood of Philadelphia and catch of salmon, August 1925.

Tyee Club Trophy

The William Sparrow Trophy.